Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Titoki Team 1 & 0 - Term 2 week 2 ending 11 May 2018

Welcome back everyone and a special welcome to our new children Jake, Reece, Archie, Sofia, Maxi and Ava to Titoki Iti.
We trust you had a wonderful and restful break.
We have begun our PMP programme already and are very excited to see the benefits it has on our children. Thank you to those parents who have commited to parent help, we couldn’t do it without you! Don’t forget, PMP training is on Monday 14th at 9am in the hall. Below is a reminder of our PMP timetable – yr1 sessions are in red.  Also if you could make sure your child is in appropriate footwear and clothing for these days.

9am - 9:30am
Equipment session Year 1 A
Equipment session Year 2 A
Equipment session Year 1 A
9:30am - 10am
Equipment session Year 1 B
Equipment session Year 2 B
Equipment session Year 1 B

Home Learning
Great job to everyone who worked on the Holiday Reading Challenge, awesome effort! Please continue to keep up the daily reading and key-ring practice (including spelling) and weekly Mathletics and Reading Eggs.

Weekly Timetable and things to remember
Titoki’s library and poem day is on Fridays. 
Titoki Iti’s library day will be on a Thursday.

Please return all poem folders and library books in library bags by Friday morning at the latest. Unfortunately children without their library bags are not allowed to take books out of the library. 
The library bags go in these boxes:

Fabby Friday Workshops:
The children are encouraged to hold a workshop throughout the year during Fabby Friday. If your child would like to run a workshop we ask that a parent/caregiver comes along to assist their child. We also ask that the children fill out the Fabby Friday Workshop sheets and return these completed by the Thursday of the workshop week. These sheets are available from the classroom.

Titoki Oral language:
We have sent home an oral language roster for this term. Please help your child practice at home before their presentation date. It is really important that the children come prepared to talk for at least 2.5 minutes independently.


Thank you to anyone who has donated equipment for our Play and Learn space! We are still on the hunt for more things.  Also if you have any newspaper or balloons lying around we would love them for our art this term!  

We have already collected a lot of lost property this term. Please ensure that your child’s clothing is named (including hats). If you have lost something don’t forget to check out our lost property bin during the week. 
It looks like this à

The temperature has begun to drop as we head towards winter so please make sure that your child has a jumper or a warm item of clothing they can take on and off when required.

Cross Country Wednesday 23 May
We have our annual cross country coming up soon and will be doing practice runs during the week. Please make sure your children have sensible running shoes on each day. Sneakers are great for warmth and speed. J

Parent Help
Thanks everyone who Parent Helped last term, we would LOVE more parent help this term. Sign up sheet in on the middle door in the shared space.

Louise, Kate, Michaela and Ashleigh

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Titoki Team 1 - Term 1 Week 10 ending 13 April 2018

Joshy T & Jessica in Titoki and Titoki Iti

Can you believe Term 1 is coming to an end? The children are ready for a well deserved break. Have a safe and wonderful holiday!

Get Inspired Day:

A huge thank you to all of you and especially those who came along for parent help on Friday, we couldn’t have done it without you. The feedback has been wonderful and the children had a blast. We are looking forward to having another one sometime in the future.

Holiday Reading:

Over the holidays we encourge children to keep up their reading. 

A Holiday Reading Challenge sheet will be sent home this week. 

The children are to fill it out and bring it back by Friday Week 1 Term 2 and they will go into the draw to win a dip in the Lucky Treasure Box!   

For our art next term we will need lots of newspaper. If you have any spare newspaper lying around we would love to have it please. Also anything from the list previousy posted on Seesaw for our Play and Learn space.

PMP Help:
As some of you may have seen on Seesaw, we have begun a programme called PMP (perceptial motor programme) that focuses on the devlopment of childrens gross and fine motor skills.  

A notice will be sent out with a brief explaination about the research behind PMP and the benefits for the children next term.  

We will be aiming to run this 3 days a week. PMP is something that can only be done with consistent parent help. So far we have invested time, money and professional development to make this happen and would now love a commitment of consistent help from some parents. 

If you are keen to help please email us, we will provide some training and will need your wonderful help from week 3 of term 2.

Kind Regards

Louise, Ashleigh, Kate and Michaela

Monday, 26 March 2018

Titoki Team 1 - Term 1 Week 8 ending 29 March 2018

Welcome: William, Teyha and Niall to Titoki and Titoki Iti.

Learning Pathways Conferences:

A huge congratulations to all of those children who led a learning pathways confrence this week. Every single one of you are amazing and we are so proud of your learning so far. Parents, we hope you enjoyed seeing the progress your child has made this year so far!

Easter Break:
Just a reminder that Easter is this weekend and we have an extra long weekend, YAY! There will be no school this Friday (30th) and the following Monday and Tuesday (2nd, 3rd April). We will be back into normal routines on Wednesday.

Library and Poem day Change for Week 8 & 9
As we have Easter break and Bayfield Get Inspired Day – we are going to do library on Thursday. Please bring the Library bookbags and poem folders in on Wednesday or Thursday for these two weeks.

Get Inspried Day:
Next Friday (week 9) is our first ever ‘Bayfield Get Inspired’ day and we are all super excited. Please ensure your children are at school on time so we can get started straight away.

As the colder weather starts to hit us, please ensure your child has the appropriate warm clothing (jumpers they can take on and off easily). 

Kind Regards,
Ashleigh, Kate, Louise and Michaela.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Titoki Team 1 – Term 1 Week 6 ending 16 March 2018

Welcome: Max Smythe, Milly Plummer, Willow Bracewell

WOW, can you believe we are already half way through Term 1. Time truly does fly when your having fun. We are really pleased with all the learning and fun experiences we have had so far in Titoki and are looking forward to sharing these with you at our Learning Pathways Conferences.

Learning Pathways Conferences:

Next Week is our first Learning Conferences of the year. School will finish at 12:40pm on Monday and 3pm on Wednesday.   These are a great chance to celebrate your child’s progress and see their learning in the class.

ABC Cards:
You will find this inside your childs bookbag they bring home everyday. It is very important for the children to be practicing their letter sounds daily along with their word rings and readers. We are focusing on making the correct sound for the letters as well as pointing to the letter that the sound makes. This is the foundation for reading and writing so it is really important that the children learn them. For children who are confident with all of their sounds they can start to practise the blends on the other side.

Life Education:
We are fortunate enough to have Life Education coming in week 7 and 8. Titoki Children have two sessions and will go in small groups to learn from the amazing Harold the Giraffe about how we adapt to new situations and what makes a good friend.

If your childs afterschool routine changes and they start Skids or have a new nanny, could you please let us know via email. It is important for us to know who is going to Skids and who is collecting the children.  It’s also great if you speak to the children first so they can remind us too.

In term travel/holidays:
We have noticed that there are lots of children being taken out on holiday during term time. Whilst we prefer this doesn’t happen here are a few things you can do while away:
-         Keep a holiday diary
-         Write a postcard
-         Mathletics
-         Reading Eggs
-         Keep practising your key word rings and ABC sounds and blends
-         Take library books with you to read
-         Keep practising counting forwards and backwards, saying the number after and before

We will no longer be giving extra readers to those going away as it makes it difficult to select readers when they are back at school and we are finding they are not being returned in the same condition.

Tips to support your child in reading!
This is a notice you will have seen in your childs bookbag and will be posted on seesaw for you to refer back to. It is filled with great ways to engage children in reading and the learning the word rings.

Mathletics & Reading Eggs
Please encourge your child to practice logging in at home themselves so that they are confident when signing in at school without teacher support.

Box Modelling
Thanks for all those who have contributed to our box modelling – We are very full at the moment and no longer need any more boxes. We will update you when we need more! Thanks J

Kind Regards,

Kate, Louise, Ashleigh and Michaela

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Titoki Team 1 - Term 1 week 4 ending 2 March 2018

It is hard to believe we are in week four already.  It has been a great start to the year so far.  We are getting on with learning now and have loved getting to know all of the children as learners and planning to meet their individual learning needs.

If you are still holding any stationery at home please return it to us as soon as possible because the children are well underway with writing in their books.

It has been great to see that so many of the anxious children are now happily saying a fast goodbye in the mornings, and sitting happily on the mat as we start the day.

Thank you to those families who have been remembering to keep toys at home and include a hat and water bottle each day.
Unfortunately with this humid weather there seems to be more cases of Head lice and stomach bugs than normal in the Auckland region.  We would ask that if you have the slightest concern that you keep your little one home, and treat as necessary, just to be on the safe side. 

Lunch Boxes
We would like to remind you that while children are at school they sometimes eat more than they might eat in a typical day at home.  We have found that one or two children have actually run out of food by lunchtime.  Please make sure that there is ample food available for your child to eat throughout the day.  We have also been checking at the end of lunchtime to make sure that all children have eaten enough. Sometimes there are children that can be distracted, or too keen to get on with playing and slip past the duty teacher without their lunch box being checked.

Fabulous Friday
As part of Fabulous Friday the children have the opportunity to be the teacher in a ‘student led workshop’, this is an opportunity for a child to teach their peers about something they are passionate about or good at.  Some ideas might be: how to make something, sports skills, arts and crafts (bookmarks, cards, head masks, shakers etc) dance routines, baking, origami etc

The child plans the activity and brings along the materials needed for the small workshop (approx. 5 at a time). Please encourage your child to think of something that they would like to take a workshop on. Parents are encouraged to come along to help and need to bring your own recources required for the workshop. If they would like to do a workshop please come and get a form and fill it out before the Friday of the workshop.  

We are still keen for any cardboard boxes that the children can use for box modelling on Fabulous Friday.

Key Ring Words
Just a reminder that children need to be practicing their keyring words every day and multiple times a night. We recommend reading them forward then back, before reading, after reading and before bed.  These really help the children learn the words that they are frequently using in their readers.

Parent Help
We love parent help in the Titoki Team! Thank you so much to all of the parents who have already offered and been in to assist in the classroom.  If you haven’t had a chance yet, there is a roster on the middle door of our space. Please write your name in the time slots available. If you would like to help but aren’t able to make the times available, we like help before and after school too, especially sharpening pencils and putting away readers.  Any help is hugely appreciated!

Play Dates
It’s great to get to know new friends and families in our team and organising playdates is a great way to build friendships outside the classroom and school environment. If you would like to have your name and contact number available for other parents to arrange playdates we have a ‘Playdate Hub’ up in our space on the door right next to the parent help roster.

A reminder of our contact details
Please feel free to chat to or email any one of us teachers with questions, queries or issues. We are more than happy to help.J
Kind regards,
Kate, Louise, Ashleigh and Michaela.