Thursday, 6 July 2017

Titoki Team 1 – Term 2 Week 10 ending 7 July

Wow! What an eventful term! We have really enjoyed sinking our teeth into our Space inquiry and have been astounded by the facts and knowledge that the children have displayed this term.

Please keep up reading over the holidays, as well as Reading Eggs and Mathletics.

We have a reading challenge going home today that is a great motivational tool to get your child to read over the holidays. Please bring the reading challenge back in the first week of term and 5 lucky children will win a prize!

If you are away on holiday, writing a daily journal or diary is a great way to document your trip as well as a meaningful way to practice writing.

If your child will be away at the start of next term, please email us to let us know (if we haven’t been notified already).

Have a safe, warm and fun break!

Kind regards,
Victoria, Kate, Lorraine and Ashleigh

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Titoki Team 1 - Term 2 Week 8 ending 23 June

We have lots of exciting events coming up before the holidays!

Skip-a-thon – Wednesday 28th June
9:10 – 9:45am
There will be performances and demonstrations by the Year Groups to showcase their skipping skills. This will be held outside the Year 3 classrooms on the top court. Parents are welcome to sit/stand along the grass bank of the field, or stand behind the children who will sit outside Room 14.

Black out day – Friday 23rd June

To support the All Blacks vs Lions this Saturday, children can come to school this Friday (23rd June) dressed in all black clothes. Please bring a gold coin donation to support KidsCan.

Jammies in June – Friday 30th June
We have our Pyjama and House Day on the Friday of Week 9, 30th June. As the children will be outside, it would be best if Pyjamas are warm as well as shoes that are appropriate for sporty activities.

Sausage Sizzle – this Friday 23rd June
Please place orders via Wrap it Up by 9:15am on Friday
NB:  Popcorn is no longer available

Kind regards,
Victoria, Kate, Lorraine and Ashleigh

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Titoki Newsletter - Week 6 ending 9 June

Matariki (Maori New Year) is on the 25th of June. We will be talking about this celebration in class as well as looking at pictures of the constellation. 
If you do, we would love you to come in and talk to the class about what you do in your family!  Check out some of the amazing things going on in Auckland for Matariki –

Warm Clothes
Every child needs to come to school with a warm jacket and layers of clothes as the class does warm up. Unless it is raining, the children play outside every day.

If your child cannot manage or is still learning to tie laces, can they please come to school in Velcro shoes. We often need to take shoes off and on quickly and tying laces holds the class up.  Please ensure shoes are also appropriate for skipping.

Maths – Time
This week and next week, we are exploring the concept of time. We are concentrating on language around days of the week, months of the year, fast and slow, young and old, sequencing events in order as well as beginning to look at telling the time in o’clock.

Student led workshops
During Fabulous Friday, we would love some more children to lead workshops in something they are passionate about. Come and write on the list on the ‘Glass House/Space room’ if they would like to book a date and fill in a workshop sheet. If it is something that isn’t completely independent, we would appreciate your help during the afternoon from 1.30pm.

Reading Eggs and Mathletics
We are having a big push on children working on Reading Eggs and Mathletics at home. We are going to print out certificates to give out in our Junior assemblies for children that are consistently practising and moving up the levels.

Successful Stardome Trip
Thank you to all parents who helped last week. We had a blast and we were impressed with how knowledgeable our kids were! Here are a few highlights…

From Gabe…
Even though I’m excited about my new adventure, I am also so sad to be saying goodbye to my Bayfield family!  I have absolutely loved my two years here and feel very privileged to have had the chance to work with such lovely children and their families.  I have so appreciated all the support and care I have had, particularly all the kindness since I have been pregnant  I am hoping to be back in Auckland for a visit next term to catch up with everyone and hopefully introduce my new baby.
In the meantime, I would really love to hear from the children so send me an email on or if you happen to be in the Hawkes Bay I would love to catch up for coffee!
Kind regards,
Gabe, Ashleigh, Lorraine, Victoria and Kate

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Titoki Newsletter Term 2 Week 4 ending 26 May 2017

Meet Ashleigh!

This week we welcome Ashleigh Elmslie who will replace Gabe when she goes on Maternity Leave. Ashleigh has recently moved to Auckland from Queensland where she has been teaching since graduating in 2014.  She lives locally in Freemans Bay and she can’t wait to get to know the area better. Ashleigh is in school this week to get to know the children as well as our routines so please come and say hi and introduce yourself.

Gabe’s last day will be 9th June (all going well…).  Gabe had intended to return to school in Term 4 however her partner has some work in the Hawkes Bay so she will be moving there and won’t return to Bayfield this year. 

Cross Country
Well done to all children who ran in the cross country and thank you to all parent helpers. We will hand out cross country certificates in the whole school assembly on Friday. Please feel free to come along.

Term 2 Trip:
Next Tuesday 30th May (week 5) the Titoki team will be going to the Stardome Observatory. Due to timings of sessions available at the centre, we will be leaving school at 8.15am.  Children will need to arrive at school by 8.10am on the day. Unfortunately, Stardome only allow a limited number of adults and we now have all the helpers we need.

Now that we have finished cross country, we are focusing on skipping as our new P.E. activity. A skipping rope makes a great gift as this develops children’s gross motor skills and co-ordination. Later this term we will invite you to a skip-a-thon event. We will post details about this closer to the time.

Kind regards,
Gabe, Ashleigh, Lorraine, Victoria and Kate

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Titoki Team Newsletter - Term 1 - Week 9

Term 1 Week 9
5th April 2017
Kelmarna Trip
We had a really enjoyable and interesting trip to Kelmarna Gardens last Thursday.  Once again, thank you very much for the parents who were able to come along and help. 
Holiday Reading Contest
Each school holidays, we challenge the children to keep up their reading.  We will be sending home a log to keep a record of books they have read. Children do not need to have read them independently, books you share together can also be added to this list.
Children who reach the milestone of 30 books should bring back their completed log after the holidays to go in the draw for a “Dip in the Treasure box”.
We also encourage all children to keep working on Mathletics and Reading Eggs.  If you are having any issues logging, please come and see us.

We wish all families a safe and happy holiday and look forward to seeing you back in Term 2.

Kind regards,
Gabe, Lorraine, Victoria, Kate and Tabitha.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Newsletter - Week 7 - Term 1

Titoki Team Newsletter
Term 1 Week 7
22nd March 2017

Learning Conferences
It has been so good to meet many families for both Learning Conferences and Six Week Checks. We are proud of the children who have been able to take some ownership and talk about their learning.
Please remember that we are always happy to make a time to discuss your child’s individual needs. Feel free to email or speak to us to set up a time.

Introducing Tabitha
We are very lucky to have another student teacher working in the team.
Tabitha Kaye is a 2nd year student from AUT who is spending 4 weeks in our class. She is originally from the Isle of Wight in the UK but has been in NZ for a number of years. We look forward to helping Tabitha on her journey into teaching.

Autumn Inquiry
We had a terrific day last Tuesday beginning our Inquiry investigation into Autumn.  The children came up with some brilliant questions for us to investigate.  The children have begun collecting interesting items about autumn to put on our Inquiry table and we would love to add more things to provoke thinking. 

Ice cream containers
We are on the hunt for used ice cream containers.  Preferably 2L with the lid.
They are very handy for storing and sorting.

The Titoki Team are going to go on a visit to the local Kelmarna Gardens to further our Autumn study.  We will send more details as they come to hand and will be asking for parent help as we will be walking the short distance.
Kind regards,
Lorraine, Kate, Victoria  Gabe and Tabitha

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Newsletter - Wk 5 - Term 1

Road Safety lessons
This week we are having a series of lessons from police officer Constable Rob. He is at school to teach the children about road safely.  During the four lessons, children have the chance to learn important road rules as well as identifying hazards when walking around the streets.

On Friday afternoon (weather permitting) children will take a walk around the local area to put into practise what they have learnt. If you are able to come along and help, please email
Learning Conferences
On Monday 20th & Wednesday 22nd are Learning conferences. School closes @ 12:40pm on the Monday. There are 2 different formats for Team 1 depending on when your child started school.
·       For children new this term they have a 6 week check.  The meeting is for parents and teachers only. We will organise meeting times with parents.
·       For children who have already had their 6 week check (started school last year) this is a ‘3-way-conference’ in which children attend along with their parents and teachers to discuss current goals and future learning.
Bookings for those children who are having a 3-way-conference can be made via the School Interviews website, which you will have been emailed the details of.

Kind regards,
Lorraine, Kate, Victoria and Gabe